Summer house inspiration

I fell in love with this gorgeous summerhouse. The interior in lovely grey shades
and the beautiful light captured by photographer Jonas Ingerstedt.

Dreaming of redecorating our family´s old summerhouse up in North of Sweden.
I´ve been dreaming about this all-white-little-summerhouse.
But after seeing this, I would like to change the concept. Still painting the pine floors white,
but then going for grey walls, a darker shade of grey in the kitchen together with and a concrete
worktop. And then definetely keep the original ceiling, wood panels mounted with copper nails...
So nice with the wood against the greys just like this!
All pictures by Jonas Ingerstedt | found via April and May and Emma, with thanks!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Ha ha, lade precis upp samma bilder och tänkte vad konstigt att fler inte gjort det, så fint ju!! :)
    Jag är helt såld!
    ´Trevlig helg!
    Kram Ulrika

    1. Men ooo ja! Galet fint!
      Som ditt sommarhus också ju! Älskar dina bilder därifrån.

      Kramar o Trevlig helg!


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